Year 9 Option Selection

Welcome to your option selection for 2021.

As a student entering Year 9 you will need to select four option choices. You will do two options in Term 1 and 2 and then another two options during Term 3 and 4.

The options you can select are listed below. You must pick two from Line 1 and two from Line 2.

Line 1                                                                Line 2

MTM                                                                   MTF

ICT                                                                     MAO

MUSIC                                                                BUS

DIGI ARTS                                                           MTW

DRAMA                                                              VISUAL ARTS

FOOD TECH                                                         

If you have an idea of which subjects you might like to do in the Senior school then pick them as one of your options. Otherwise pick a range of subjects that you think you might like to try. 

Talk to your teachers, your parents and whanau about what options you think you should take. Speak to your Form Teacher and your Dean if you are unsure.

Go to Careers NZ to get more information about what you might like to do when you leave school. Or play CareerQuest - an online quiz which will ask you questions about what you like to do, which may help you with your career direction.

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