NCEA Level 2 overview

Level 2 NCEA

NCEA LEVEL 2 requires students to pass 60 credits at Level 2 or above. Twenty credits from any other level can be used to meet the required 80. In order to meet University Entrance students must gain 5 writing credits and 5 reading credits from specific standards. More information on U.E. can be found later in this booklet.

You must select:

10 courses- 5 for each Semester.

If you want to complete a subject for a whole year select Semester A and B.

If you need University Entrance, as you select your Level 2 and 3 courses you must ensure that they offer you at least 5 UE Lit. Reading credits and 5 UE Lit. Writing credits overall.

You will be advised by the subject teacher/ HOF on which course to take.

You may select a range of other options from Level 2 and Level 1. Check the entry pre-requisites for each subject to see if you meet them. There are no compulsory subjects.

Some universities require you to study certain subjects in order to gain entry to their courses. Check their website if you think this will affect you:

Courses are identified if they are University Entrance or not.

All option changes must be made through your Dean or Pouwhare.

Course selection for Year 12 is critical as it leads to Year 13 and then tertiary study. Make sure you select subjects that are suitable for your future career.

Need further help?


Your form teacher

Your Dean

The HOFs

Mrs Bundle

The university/ polytech you intend to study at

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