Year 10 Enterprise Studies - Semester A

Although 2021 timetables are yet to be finalised, course selection is now finished. Any changes to student courses will now take place in January 2020.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss S. Grant

What is it?

Enterprise Studies provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of basic economic ideas through the study of people and their activities in small and large enterprises in their own community.

What does it involve?
This course is based around activities that provide students with the skills to work in groups - or as an individual, to design a product and sell this product at a College market day at the end of the year. Throughout this course they will investigate entrepreneurs and discover how to work out profit and loss and making financial decisions for small businesses. They will then create, design and sell a product, e.g. a craft item, food item,jewellery etc. for a profit - which will be kept by the students.

As part of this class students may be assessed using one Achievement Standard:
Accounting Achievement Standard 90981 – Make a financial decision for an individual or group – Internally assessed – 3 credits.

Where does it lead ?
Provides students with personal skills (e.g. budgeting, marketing, accounting, leadership, co-operative management) and a pathway into Year 11 Business Studies.

Recommended Prior Learning

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Course selection will depend on the option lines and student numbers. There is no guarantee that the courses you select now will all be available for you in 2021.

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