Innovative Horticulture

Horticulture at Katikati College has changed to offer a modular, flexible and future-focused programme of learning that can really take you places in the many career paths available in this amazingly diverse, growing industry, or in other industries where innovation is key.

The programme has three main strands: Innovation and Creativity, Business Management and Plant Science and Technology.

Choose from university approved Achievement Standard topics in Marketing, Digital Technology, Science, Agribusiness and Environmental Sustainability as well as Plant Management, selecting those most relevant to you and your plans. Courses are 1INHOA, 1INHOB, 2INHOA, 2INHOB.

You will be taught by multiple specialist teachers in the same time slot to allow you to move between areas of learning in your portfolio. Significant real-life learning will take place in orchards, nurseries and other local businesses, thanks to the enthusiastic response from the local horticulture industry.

Alternatively you can focus just on practical production horticulture, doing Unit Standard topics at school and in the field. Courses are 1PROHA, 1PROHB, 2PROHA, 2PROHB. Again, significant real-life learning will take place in orchards, nurseries and other local businesses.

For much more information please visit the Innovative Horticulture website. 

Click on this link.



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