Year 9 Fabric Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms R. Cameron

Fabric Technology provides an opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge needed to successfully sew clothes and other items. Students will learn some applied design techniques and make a pair of shorts, followed by a t shirt.

What does it involve?
• Basic skills in the use of a sewing machine and overlocker, including putting in a zip and buttonholes.

• Make a t shirt following a commercial pattern.

• Investigate and try some applied design techniques techniques.

• Gain an understanding on planning, brief development and understanding on how to evaluate an outcome.

Where does it lead?
• Year 10 Fabric technology.
• Gaining confidence in being able to sew for fun 

  • to a Polytechnic or University to study textiles, fashion or related creative industries.

Course Overview

Term 1
Basic machine skills - sewing machine and overlocker
Fabric knowledge - woven and knit fabrics
Reading, understanding and following pattern instructions
Shorts construction including pockets, casings, hems, buttonholes
Professional looking finishing techniques.

Term 2
T shirt manufacturing and design
Sewing knit fabrics - tools and techniques


Level 1 Fabric Technology - Semester A, Year 10 Materials Technology Fabric - Semester A, Year 10 Materials Technology Fabric - Semester B

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$30 to pay for fabric and other materials used to make projects.

Recommended Prior Learning

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