Level 3 Business - It's Business Time - Semester B

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss S. Grant

This is a combination course, including Achievement Standards from Accounting, Economics and Business Studies.
The Accounting section of this course includes the preparation of financial statements for a company and processing of transactions for a partnership.
The Economics section involves the understanding of the efficiency of market equilibrium.
The Business Studies section involves students carrying out an innovative and sustainable business activity.

If you are intending for this to be a University approved subject, you must take both Semester A and B of this course.

It is expected that students will develop skills in all areas but will complete between 8 and 12 credits for assessment. Not all skills taught will be assessed.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Cost: Workbook $20.00.

Recommended Prior Learning TIC and/or HoF discretion

Course selection will depend on the option lines and student numbers. There is no guarantee that the courses you select now will all be available for you in 2021.