Level 1 Applied Science - Semester A

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs N. Wynne

This semester course is an internally assessed course that is designed for students wishing to take Science, but not necessarily focused on a particular strand of Science. The course content will be co-constructed with the students and the assessment tasks may range from research- based to practical investigations. They would need to choose at least three assessments.

After this course students could enroll in the Level 2 Earth and Space Science semester courses.


Level 2 Earth Processes and Events - Semester A, Level 2 Space, Stars and Planets - Semester B

Recommended Prior Learning

Average Grade At the Standard or above in Year 10 with a minimum Grade At the Standard in exam Understanding.


Course selection will depend on the option lines and student numbers. There is no guarantee that the courses you select now will all be available for you in 2021.