Year 10 Art Design - Semester B

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs A. Angell-Donaldson

What is it?
• Digital Art is a visual and creative process where a range of ideas are created through practical and digital media which meet the given requirements.

What does it involve?
• Moving Image & Moving Montage
• Stop Motion animations.
• Graphic design using Illustrator - eg publication or packaging design
• Mixed Media Photography using Photoshop

Where does it lead
• Graphic design, magazine design, illustration advertising, digital media, moving image, web design, product design, packaging design, photography, document photographer or film maker, film, director, curator and spatial and virtual design, creative industries.


Level 1 Visual Arts - Mixed Media - Semester A

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

1 x HB and 1 x 2b pencils
Course Fee: $30.00

Recommended Prior Learning

*Semester A is recommended for those interesting in taking Visual Arts at Level 1 NCEA*

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