This course requires 1 option.

Level 1 Chemistry - Semester A

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mat Kindley

Chemistry is the study of atoms and how they react and how we use this knowledge to make new substances and understand chemical reactions around us. Understanding basic chemistry concepts is important for almost every profession.

Chemistry is involved in everything we do, from growing and cooking food to cleaning our homes and bodies to launching the NZ made Electron Rockets from Mahia.

This course will study basic atomic structure, how reactions happen, acids and bases and two practical Internal investigations.

Chemistry is important for careers such as Analytical chemist, Biotechnologist, Chemical Engineer
Medicine, Clinical Biochemistry, Forensic Scientist, Nanotechnologist, Pharmacologist, Toxicologist, Environmental Scientist, Rocket Scientist, Water treatment


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Cost: Workbook and Education perfect subscription approx $30.

Recommended Prior Learning

Average Grade Above the Standard in Year 10 with a minimum Grade Above the Standard in exam Understanding.