Level 2 History - Fire in the Hole - Semester A

Although 2021 timetables are yet to be finalised, course selection is now finished. Any changes to student courses will now take place in January 2020.

Course Description

This course focuses on key historical ideas and people who shaped the 19th-20th Century. 

The topics covered at Level 2 provide students with an understanding of how nationalism and conflict have challenged, transformed and destroyed the progress of history.

Topics covered: the seeds of discontentment in Ireland as well as civil conflict and protest during 'The Troubles. 

Students will also learn transferable writing, research, communication, analytical, interpersonal and thinking skills.

Recommended Prior Learning

TIC and/or HoF discretion



Course selection will depend on the option lines and student numbers. There is no guarantee that the courses you select now will all be available for you in 2021.

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